Krishna & Georgina


Whether it be a wedding ceremony or a funeral mass, music plays an integral part in setting the right tone and intimacy for the occasion.  Krishna has had the privilege of working with mezzo soprano Georgina in recent years at the Immaculate Conception Church in Hawthorn, and have extensive experience in performing Classical, Popular and Catholic music. With an ever increasing eclectic repertoire of music, and an exceptional ability to learn music quickly, we would love to help choose and find the perfect music for you and fulfil any special requests that you may have to celebrate this significant time in your life.

"Krishna has been performing at our church since 2007.  She has played at funerals, weddings, masses and our sacramental celebrations.  I have found her to be an accomplished musician whose playing expresses both passion and sensitivity to the music before her. She is professional and always willing to give that little bit extra of herself to ensure that our celebrations are enjoyed by those present." 

~ Bernadette Kirwan, Immaculate Conception Sacramental Coordinator